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benchmarking_list - Benchmarking bipedal locomotion

Subject: Benchmarking bipedal locomotion

Description: The main goal of this list is to foster the international discussion on benchmarking, definition and assessment of human and human-like bipedal locomotion.

This list is addressed to three different communities: bipedal robotics (e.g. humanoids), wearable robotics (e.g. exoskeletons), and biomechanics (e.g. clinical gait analysis). We are aware that each of these communities has its own specific needs and goals. Nevertheless, we believe that the interaction between them can strengthen the process of benchmarking.

You will be receiving periodic messages about:
- The benchmarking activities carried out by the associated partners (see list below)
- Upcoming international events (conferences, workshops, special sessions)
- Discussion topics emerging from the subscribers posts

Associated Partners:
- H2R project (
- BALANCE project (
- Koroibot project (
- Biomot project (
- EXO-LEGS project (

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